Think Tech!

Think Tech!

When I was studying in the Netherlands 20 years ago, I often attended conferences, forums, and seminars that inspired me and opened new horizons for technological and further developments. I was very lucky to have had the opportunity to study in a country like Holland. I learned that friendship, network and hard work, they all pay off. Therefore, I urge every student here to come to me, or to anyone of the speakers today, and ask us if there is anything you think is important. Do not be afraid of asking. It never hurts, and as the saying goes: there are no stupid questions!

I want to tell a personal story. I studied History in Holland, so nothing to do with media communications, advertising and technology. I did this also because I did not want to become like my father, an electronic engineer working also in communications and media, and because I always loved reading about history. Of course, my dad urged me to study technology, or economics.

“Erion, you are good with numbers and math” he always used to say. I resisted him, and he did not push and respected my choice. So, there I am studying the Romans, Vikings, Napoleon and the Past, which I still love to do anyway. And now that the Past is behind, I am more focused on the Future, technology! I am doing exactly what my father used to do, communications and technology! When we talk about it, he laughs and proudly says: I told you!

So, with all the information I gathered throughout the years, I decided to bring it to my country. I came back in 2005, and you need some time to re-integrate to your own country J

In 2008, with a small but eager staff, we started the fashion magazine, Elegance and a few years later Story. As many of my friends joke, it was always my dream being a publisher for a fashion magazine! Not true of course, but I had to start from somewhere! I found out that Albania was lacking the communication industry, the way I was used to it.

In 2011 we started with Landmark Communications, and I want to tell you that many of the initial coworkers are still part of our team. In 2014 we started with Landmark Technologies, and 3 years ago we cofounded Moveo Albania Technology.

Mass media communication was almost unknown to the Albanian market during that period. I always insisted that we are a communication agency, and I am a strong believer that communication is often the key to many problems, issues, tasks, to a healthy organization like ours. I am very proud that Landmark has proved to be a very successful full-service communications agency. It has been a fantastic journey so far, and we continue to improve ourselves and never stop learning.

Of course, we didn’t stop there!

So, between numerous meetings at home and abroad, we decided to take the next step. A solid backbone was added to our logo, becoming Landmark Communications & Technologies. Our goal was to be closer to the client, with as many services as possible. Digital was the next logical step, and we did go all the way of course. When we do something, we try to do it as perfect as possible. We do not compromise with our quality. We started with some web development for our local clients, and now we are into software development and growing our expertise.

Among the frequent meetings with international partners such as EdComs, Teachpitch, Genomes, and of course Móveo, we now cover diverse topics and sectors. Starting from: human resources management, education in the distance, the impact of technology on people around the world, or the link between genetics and digital sciences. Therefore, together with our friends from Moveo, we decided to organize Think Tech, the first edition to pave the way to an annual tradition.

In essence, I believe that Albania is a great country with a very good future for those professionals who are ambitious, want to learn more, and are hardworking. Without hard work nothing is easy!

We have shown that, the chances of touching the international experience will grow without the need of leaving our home country. You can work for Landmark in the digital marketing industry, or be a team member of an international company in Tirana (Telekom, Philip Morris, Balfin Group).  You can also be part of an international team and work in distance (Moveo, Sisal, Comdata, Edcoms, TeachPitch, Genomes). You can learn from their experience, their way of working, their way of communicating and more. We Albanians are a bit emotional types, and we need to learn to not respond right away. Take a step back, think about it, count till 10 J

Many thanks to you all!