CEO, a Parent or a babysitter!

CEO, a Parent or a babysitter!

A good manager, whether a CEO or a Managing Director, is characterized by the values and the way he/she manages human resources, ie employees and colleagues. Depending on the profile of the job and the industry in which it is, it also affects the way of management. Anyone who manages a company or a small business with a few employees faces almost daily the work process of delegating tasks and competencies. This is also the primary concern for every manager, while the solution of which facilitates not only the work process but also the everyday life.

Delegating competencies and tasks inside a company’s organisation is a topic that can be very well defined with the following question: “Does a CEO have to act as a parent or as a babysitter to his staff?” Perhaps the parent and babysitter may perform the same function, but I would stop at this very comparative comparison in the philosophy of work.

A babysitter performs the job process somehow automatically. Caring for the baby, food, washing and the whole part of the day is memorised and most of the time automatic, and leaves little room for personal initiative towards the child. Here I am not referring to the fact that a babysitter does not feel love for the child he cares for, on the contrary, the vast majority of them love the baby maybe as much as the parents. On the other hand, the parent is more committed towards the development and personal behaviour of the kids; the daily process of childcare is not that automatic and leaves more room to discover new things, learn and play for to the kids. This process has an impact on the in the direction of personal initiatives and the increase of self-confidence and shaping individual responsibility.

Taking this example, I think and strongly believe that a good manager should take the role of the parent rather than the role of the babysitter in the company he/she leads. A good manager does not focus on micro-managing, does not exercise pressure with his presence, does allow mistakes in the work process. Also, a good leader does listen considerately, does not take the client’s side on the problem, does involve employees in decision-making, does delegate competencies and tasks, does give them the right confidence in various projects, and more importantly a good manager treats members of his team as he would like others to treat himself.

I believe in the above mentioned way of managing these companies: Landmark Technologies, Landmark Communications, Landmark Premium Print and Moveo Albania Technology. This does not make me perfect either, as I do not apply all the points as above in the most meticulous manner, there is always room for improvement and flexibility. However, I try to make every member of my team feel comfortable, useful and valuable not only for themselves but also for the group they work with, while hoping that the experience in our company is best served in all directions.

It is not easy at all and is a challenge everyday, with which we face with pleasure and dedication every day of the week.

         Erion Isufi,
Landmark Communications and Technologies

Co-Founder Móveo Albania Technology